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[sticky post] Phase Nine Registry (Rules)

Welcome to Phase Nine of Game of Cards here at Card Wars!  Everything you need to know should be below.  Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below (comments are screened) or PM me if you need clarification or have a problem.  I am always happy to help.
Points & Info, Special Battles, Battle Registration, and Finding Battle PartnersCollapse )


Potential Porn battle

Philstar22Icons or Writing?:Writing
Suggested fandoms: I was thinking not specific fandom, but a porn battle instead
Number of total caps or themes: 3-5
Suggested amount of time to finish the battle:
1-2 weeks I guess? Maybe 3 because of the holidays? Whatever you want is fine with me.
Username:> madampresident
Icons or Writing?: Icons
Suggested fandoms: Any
Number of total caps or themes: 5, 10, or 15
Suggested amount of time to finish the battle: Monday, October 31st

Status: [OPEN]

more details under the cut!Collapse )

Speed Battle #1 - Reveal!

Thank you to everyone who participated!  We had a pretty darn good turnout for the first speed battle of the phase!  Points are on the spreadsheet here.
The Reveal!Collapse )


battles and stuff


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